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We aspire to be leaders in providing world class quality education, cultivating exceptional thinkers so that they are prepared for the future and provide out-of-box solutions to current and future world.


Academus International School aims to develop inquiring, compassionate, reflective lifelong learners who find their true selves rather than letting a system define who they can become and how far they can go. Our aim is to promote Learn-Unlearn-Relearn strategy so that students can counter any fast paced changes happening around the world.

We believe every child should have equitable access to education and have the best education which is future proofed.

Our mission to create courageous, brave, fearless and well-equipped individuals which are able to survive an unpredictable near and distant future.

We believe that the skill set of an individual can take him/her further in their ultimate journey than some numerical evaluations.


Our Values and Culture

  • Academus' Aim

    The Academic and Learning Aims are the centre of our learning philosophy - which includes our core curriculum, learning modules, and resources.
  • Responsibilty

    Our school is a community of internationally qualified managers with responsibilities as global citizens towards the student body.
  • Respect & Values.

    We encourage respect and open communication from everyone within our community. All individual members of our community are valued and respected equally and have a right to be heard.
  • Plan and Think Ahead

    We allow students to develop in a safe and caring learning environment.
  • Give and Receive Joy

    We encourage collaboration and cooperation within our community in an inquiring and reflective environment.
  • Lead to Achieve Excellence

    We strive for dynamic growth and academic excellence for all members of our community.