This comprises of our flag ship, toddlers’ program called The Lions’ Cub, Pre Nursery, Nursery, and Kindergarten. The Lions’ Cub Program is specifically designed for mothers and toddlers who want to spend some time in a quality-controlled environment. We accept toddlers as young as nine months into this program and require mothers to co-partner with us during the duration of the course. Pre Nursery class begins for children aged two and a half and is an official start of formal education in the schooling system. By the time, the child completes his/her Kindergarten, he/she is well-versed in all the basics of Early Childhood Education.

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Our core modules in EYS include:

Language, Numeracy, Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening Skills.

We strive to develop exceptional communication skills in our students by deploying various techniques, including but not limited to:

Role Plays, Show and Tell, Circle Time, Presentation Time, Group Work, and Ethics.

We have specialised learning environments that are tailor-made to the needs of Early Childhood Education. These environments are best suited to Early Years development and include:

Material and Resource Room, AV/Music and Art Room, Sand, Water, and Land Play Room, Kids’ Refectory (for culinary etiquettes) and indoor/outdoor play.

During the course of studies in the Early Years School program, we ensure that key competencies required in EY are fully developed and formed. These include:

Psychomotor skills, Sensorial skills, Fine and Gross motor skills, Exercises of Practical life, Life skills, civility and many more.

For a detailed discussion on the course content and curriculum, feel free to meet our Academic Managers.