Academics Department

Core of a school is its academics. Our Academic Department is headed by experienced Academic Managers who perform their duties with utmost diligence and integrity. Our carefully selected curriculum meets all the requirements of modern age education. Our key motive is to promote intelligence, rather than rote learning. The Academic department is exclusively and closely monitored and headed by our Directors. Other roles of the Academic Department includes setting up formal and informal testing, developing teaching manuals and lesson planners, devising new and innovative learning strategies and pedagogies etc.

Training and Quality Assurance Department

Monitoring, Evaluation and Human Resource development forms the crux of work at our Training and Quality Assurance Department. This department not only assess the academic quality and education dispensation process; but also provides a platform to teachers to self improve by conducting in house training sessions and participation in other external training programs/seminars/workshops.

Finance Services

This department is fully automised and manages the financial records of all students and employees. The Finance Services Department is headed by a CFO and is responsible for all accounting related queries in the system.

IT and Operations Department

This includes management of IT framework, cloud computing, internal servers, management of IT Lab, maintenance of all AV and multimedia tools, CCTV camera management and operations etc. Operations Department is responsible for overall security apparatus, wear and tear and maintenance and inter-departmental queries.

Student Enrolment and Services Department

SES deals with student admissions, student welfare and services. It is an important link between student and school. The SES Department remains a life-long partner of the student throughout its academic journey with Academus.

Information and Communication Services Department

ICS is responsible for dispensing important information through various mediums where and when required. It is responsible for web and social media and all forms of communications to and from the parents/students.