Step #1

The Parent/Guardian register their interest by filling in the Registration Form at the campus and submit it at the reception with the prescribed registration fee.

Step #2

After filling in the registration form, the student are called in for the admission test where the student is assessed through an aptitude test and then the parents are called in for an interview with the School Directress. Both Parents should be present at the time of interview.

Step #3

After the interview, parents will receive an email which will confirm that the child has passed the admissions test.

Step #4

Admission Confirmation Pack is then given after the parent has deposited the Admission Confirmation Fee.

Note #1

The Admission pack will comprise of admission form, rules and regulations, tuition and fee policy, uniform policy and other relevant documents the school may introduce from time to time.

Note #2

In the Early Years School, admission is open from Lion's Cub Programme to. Kindergarten.

Note #3

The admission in Early Years is interview based along with a test. In Junior School, the school may ask to appear for a written test, and request parents to appear for an interview. Previous School report cards and progress report may also be considered before giving an admissions offer.

Note #4

Complete documentation should be provided to the Reception Office by the Parent/Guardian when called for interview.

Before the interview, the following documents will need to be submitted at the reception office:

  • 5 recent passport size coloured photographs and family photograph of the student.
  • Student Form B copy and/or copy of birth certificate.
  • Copy of CNIC and Passport Data page of both parents/guardians.
  • Previous Original School leaving certificate.
  • Copies of your child last school report and certificates.

Admission form pack includes School Prospectus, Parent School Contract, Acceptance Form, Tuition and Fee Policy, Code of Conduct, Uniform Guidelines, Undertaking – duly signed and submitted. The school reserves the right to review and increase in the registration, tuition fee and all other fees, charges and deposits ancillary thereto without prior notice or consent of the parents.

Admission is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions as per the Admission Form Pack included in the Prospectus, signed and submitted thereof.