This school subgroup has five levels: Junior I to Junior V. Students in this school subgroup are taught basic subjects including language, mathematics, science, history, geography etc and are aided by various learning tools and environments. Students here are subjected to both, formal and informal type of assessments. Students in Junior school are led to Cambridge Primary Checkpoint; where an international examination is held to assess the child in Primary level. This examination is held in-house; and checked by examiners abroad.

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Core Modules taught at Junior School:

English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science, Urdu, ICT - Junior I & II
English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science, Urdu, History and Geography, ICT - Junior III, IV & V.

Communication Skills are developed through:

Debate, Presentation, Group Work, Role Plays, and Civility/Ethics program

Active Learning is carried out using various learning aids and facilities present in-house:

IT Room, Library, Laboratories, Auditorium, AV Room.

Students in Junior School are required to choose one module each year to hone their skills in one of the many modules we offer. These modules include:

Skating, Art, Chess (suggested for Junior I and II)
Horse Riding, Swimming, Life Skills (suggested for Junior III, IV and V)

For a detailed discussion on the course content and curriculum, feel free to meet our Academic Managers.