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Clubs & Societies

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Academus Productions

Academus Productions focuses on enhancing the personal growth of the students. Our multi-purpose auditorium will be used to host drama evenings, mini-concerts, debate competitions, and stage performances that will help students gain skills that are vital for them to develop strong personalities. Students will get a chance to be directors and actors of the plays, learn photography and videography skills, have inter-school debate competitions and much more. We want students to be able to act, perform and speak confidently in front of a crowd so that they can develop key leadership skills from an early stage.

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Academus Cares

Academus Cares is the official community service society and its main aim is to serve and give back to the community and help it thrive. It involves various charity drives such as bake sales, art sales, organic food sales in the Sunday School Market etc. It also aims to encourage students to recycle, visit old age and special needs children’s home and donate old clothes/housing items to the underprivileged people to teach students about compassion and empathy. A huge part of Academus Cares is gardening. Our backyard garden will be used to teach students gardening as part of our learning module which will teach the students the concept of sustainability.

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Academus Broadcasts

Academus Broadcasts is a student led society, where the students will be encouraged to take active part in various events such as writing blogs, making vlogs and giving AcademusTalks. AcademusTalks is a platform which the students will use to give a talk on worldly affairs such as News, Climate effects, technological advancements, economy, and real-life success stories. Every week recordings of AcademusTalks will be published on our website and Facebook page. Main aim of Academus Broadcasts is to make students more aware of what’s happening around the world in order to broaden their minds. Academus Broadcasts society will also take part in making the school’s monthly newsletters, yearbooks and blogs about school events.

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Academus Stream

Academus STREAM is a club that uses Science, Technology, Research,Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. It gives students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving, displaying data, innovating, and linking multiple fields. Students in this club will be shown fun ways of learning and be involved in practical fun science experiments. Students will also be taught to make robots and learn how machinery works.